Meeting of Higher Education with Ministry of Education

His Excellency the Minister of Higher Education stressed the necessity for joint work and coordination by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education to overcome obstacles and to develop a strategy for student entry to higher education institutions. His Excellency stated that “a special board has been formed which consists


of representatives of universities and IT administrators in addition to a representative from the Ministry of Education." The board will follow up the implementation of the admission process by using Zanko Line, a system that will be the only method for applying to universities in Kurdistan."


Preparations for accepting online admission to higher education institutions will be completed by May. "It is necessary for every student to have a personal email account and familiarity with how to use Unicode typing" his Excellency emphasized. Work is also being done to assign a code for each student. This code will contain all the necessary information about the student. The two Ministries and IT administrators stressed the need to strengthen communication between the two offices.