Dr. Yusuf Goran Has a Visit to a Show of Book and Fine Art


 To have a close familiarity and acquaintance to the fine art of Islamic Republic of Iran, today Monday 7th of March, Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of HESR had a visit to the Book and Fine Art Show at Peshawa Hall, Erbil. 

In the visit, Dr. Amanj Saeed the Minister Advisor and Dr. Khatab Shekhani, the general director of administration and finance accompanied him.  The minister went around to different part of the show and hailed the show organizers and described as a significant show especially scientifically in which a bunch of scientific and academic sources were included.  He also hoped to have these types of show continuously for the sake of taking advantage from experience and mutual scientific connections.

The show in which the Ministry of Culture and Youth in coordination with the Islamic Republic of Iran Organization of Fine Art opened, a bunch of works about the scientific aspect of Quran and interpretation, University Scientific books, Religious, Art, History, and Kids books in English Arabic, Kurdish, and Persian were displayed.  Also, in another part of the show, some handmade such as; tabulate, carpet, wood made works, and leather, were displayed.  Some other arts such as movie, music were parts of the Show.