Submission of Objection Extended to 7th of April

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has decided to extend the duration for submission of objections on the results of HCDP R2 to the 7th of April 2011. This extension is due to the heavy traffic on the ministry`s website which lead to the unavailability of information on the site.

Please fill in the objection form (available on website) then send as attachment in an email to , please note that the form must be filled with Kurdish language, incomplete forms or forms submitted in other ways rather than the way set above will not be considered.

The Ministry assures the transparency of the application process and the security of point’s collection, therefore only objections regarding technical errors or data base errors will be considered. No objections will be considered if it is due to applicant`s error, since chances were given to make modifications in application before submission.

Any new changes in the status of applicant, such as obtaining offers or taking language tests after 20th of February, which was the closing date for receiving applications, will not be considered. Since this will lead to status change of the applicant.

Legal Responsibility

The Ministry of Higher Education is relying on the applicants to submit correct and concrete information. In the meantime there will be intensive review of all information submitted and will be compared to original documents which will be provided by the applicant. If you have submitted an application which contains false information and you withdraw it before Thursday 7th of April, then you will not stand liable. But if the ministry finds out any mislead or false information after that date then the ministry reserves the right to take legal actions against such applicants. Some examples of false or wrong information:

If the given GPA (graduation mark) is wrong or not the same as mentioned in original transcripts.

If applicant is not in the first quarter of graduates but ticked the box in the application form for that purpose.

Applied for Doctoral studying and didn’t finish Master before 20th of February.

If Applicant is already accepted in other scholarship programs or in internal.

If filled more than one application with different names.

Number of servicing years is wrongly entered.

Age is wrongly entered.

Entering wrong information about studying offer.

Entered an offer which has been obtained from a country or university outside the list of universities as set by the ministry.

Entered wrongly or misleadingly language test score.

Application for 2 different specialties.