Clarification from MHESR


 The MHESR of KRG for the releasement of Farhad Qadir, the member of the committee of education and higher education at the Iraqi Parliament about including both Qalam & Kitab University for both master and PhD will have a clarification to students and public

For this reason, Dr. Abas Akram, the MHESR spokesman in an announcement releases a speech to the students of both Qalam & Kitab Universities that our ministry according to the generalization of Ministries Council Presidency back to the document of number 3193 on 22nd of April, 2015 was issued.  As it is pointed in the document that will never accredit both universities’ colleges and the graduates of both universities will own no types of rights and incentive at the KRG bureaus and institutes.

The MHESR spokesman also said, “A committee of our ministry is busy of researching to find a solution to the students of Kirkuk who study at Qalam University.  He also explained that the committee after finding an enough solution will issue a decision which only covers the students of Kirkuk and the students who belong to Kurdistan Region Administration will not be a part of the decision.

Abas Akram also said that here and there some people will have a comment on the topic.  In this context, we want to tell all people in Kurdistan that our ministry is the only source to decide these types of concerns and subjects.

For a decision of Iraqi Ministry of HESR regarding the easiness to the graduates of those colleges and having opportunity of studying master and PhD in broad, Dr. Akram said, “The same policy regarding bachelor graduates will be fulfilled upon them which never allow equalizing their certificate at the MHESR and they only waste their money.

The spokesman emphasized in Kurdistan Region only MHESR is the source of Academic institutes and bureaus and the topics which are university and higher education relevant. In doing this, any decision and comment releasement outside of our ministry will be counted as baseless and put the destiny and future of the students to adventure.