Ministry of Higher Education Initiates Improving Environmental Circumstances for Students

On 11th Feb, 2013, His Excellency, Dr. Ali Saeed, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, chaired a meeting with university president assistants for student affairs to re-examine the student accommodations of the universities and improve the environmental circumstances for the students life.

After the meeting, a press conference was held and His Excellency stated "the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided to reconsider and re-examine all the student accommodations, and technical committees has been formed in every university of the region for this purpose."  The Minister added that the Supreme Committee, which was formed by the Council of Ministers, has begun an investigation into the incident and will announce the results within a few days.

HE also said, “Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research decided to grant 250000 ID to each student of Firdaus student accommodation.

Firdaus Building was one of the student accommodations belongs to private sector, rented by Sulaimanya Poly-technical University, and used as a student accommodation for the last 6 years. On the 3rd February, 2013 the building became a victim of a fire accident.