Names of Successful applicants from Kirkuk is announced

On 6th of December 2011, in the presence of Dr. Barham Ahmed Salih, Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government and His Excellency Professor Dlawer A. Aladdin the Minister of higher Education and Scientific Research in addition to other ministers and officials of the government. The initial list of names of the successful candidates from Kirkuk to the third round of HCDP was announced.

In his valuable speech, his Excellency Professor Dlawer praised the applicants for their achievement and considered the move from the Kurdistan Regional Government to accept citizens of Kirkuk in the scholarship program as a new and unprecedented step.

His Excellency also spoke and illustrated to the audience the mechanisms of selection used by the ministry and stated that 56 out of 109 applicants from Kirkuk were chosen merely on their academic achievements and skills.

Professor Dlawer sent his utmost appreciation to the people who actively contributed in the success of the program, whom on top are Dr. Barham Salih who turned the idea to a reality.

So far nearly 3000 individuals are to benefit from the program and more than 1400 of them have already started their academic study abroad. His Excellency also thanked both academic organization DAAD from Germany and C`NOUS from France for their active role in program.