Graduation Ceremony of the Kurdistan University

Top students will be sent abroad for postgraduate studies” His Excellency Professor Dlawer A. Ala’Aldeen said in his speech in the graduation ceremony of the Kurdistan University held on 29th of June 2011.

His Excellency the minister and in another topic in his valuable speech pointed out the key programs and plans the ministry is running and applying such as the scholarship and the process of reform in higher education, he expressed the optimism of the ministry in the quality of education which has been drastically raised and as a result it is making the future of education in Kurdistan region very promising, and the ultimate goal is to make the universities in the region become centers for strategic planning in investment and potential financial income for the country.

Our ministry is making tremendous efforts to achieve the financial independence and to switch the role of the government from management to auditing, his Excellency said in the graduation ceremony. His Excellency also pointed out the recent financial crises which has affected the higher education in the country as well. He also indicated the correct solutions for it by making the higher education sector a productive organ and to compete with its counterpart in the developed countries.
In the end of his speech, Professor Dlawer wished the graduated students every success in their lives. And he praised the Kurdistan University for the high quality of education it offers for the students and wished the best and continuing success for all.