Nov 2016

Clarification from MHESR


In past days, both KNN TV Channel and Sbeiy Electronic website released rumor news -KNN undercovers a Corruption of MHESR.  The MHESR although refute content of the news and reemphasizes that all news is full of lying but the correction of the news is as below:

  • The news pointed to one of the ladies, Dr. Sofia Iowanida, and named as the wife one of the MHESR responsibilities, but she is the wife of Dr. Dirk Iowanido who is a German citizenship and together have been working in Kurdistan Mission for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research for about four years and done their tasks in a great way. 

  • Then, about renewing her contract, we assure that is not in MHESR’s hand to do something like that, but the Ministry based on the requirements of the whole facilities and institutions sends their contracts to Ministries Council Presidency and then they confirmed renewing 329 of the contract-holders.  The Ministries Council Presidency has renewed her contract, but she is out of Kurdistan for her sickness and the Kurdistan Mission for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research has not renewed her contract.  In doing this, her notice period passed and her contract has not been extended yet.  In the case of joining the Mission, her salary will be spent.

  • Dr. Sofi is a well-known biological professor and during her work with the Mission participated in 6 projects.  Currently, she is taking part in 3 other ones.  She has also created a lab for the Mission and raised a number of cadres.  She also has done an international research and a book Kurdistan Biology is on the way of being published.  She is participating in a project Kurdish Genom in US and Austria, as well.

  • About the amount of the money which has been pointed to in the news, we clarify to all public that according to the instructions of Ministries Council Presidency - the majority of the ones are higher certificate-holder and their specialization is foreign relevant one and work at different departments of MHESR bureaus - the same rectified policy of salary will be fulfilled upon them.  Based on that, her salary will be decreased to 1,750,000 IQD and the rest of the salary will be saved.

  • Anyone who scrambles for gaining the true story of the case can visit Kurdistan Mission for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research.

  • We hope that this news will be the last rumor news of both press channels till the readers and viewers of both channels not take other news of the channels to the place of doubt.

  • Since the whole news is all about lying and expect both channels to officially apologize to the relevant and targeted people of the news.

  • Otherwise we will see it our valid right to choose the way of court against both channels and ask for fine and compensation in result.