The goals

The HCDP aims at:

  1. Training a highly skilled young generation in various fields of science and technology without whom Kurdistan cannot progress.
  2. Building and developing human resources capable of leading the restructuring process of the system of Higher Education and Scientific Research to meet current needs of Kurdistan Region.
  3. Meeting the needs of Kurdistan Region’s free market and economy for trained, specialised and highly qualified leaders and modernisers in all sectors of the Region’s economy;
  4. Benefiting from the experiences and expertise of technologically developed and advanced nations to help in the process of knowledge transfer;
  5. Promoting excellence in scientific research in Kurdish universities and technical institutes through linkage with the leading international universities which the Ministry has identified.

As in the case of similar programs in other developing countries, the HCDP will be a significant step towards establishing a Kurdish scientific community that contributes to human knowledge.

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