(Amended Minutes) of the Committee Established Pursuant to the Ministerial Resolution No. (ن/811) on 11/7/2012 in relation to Postdoctoral and Sabbatical Leave


In reference to Clause (fourth-2) of the minutes of the Council of the Ministry's meeting no. (12), on 14/8L2012, the minutes of the established committee related to postdoctoral and sabbatical leave was approved by the Council of the Ministry as follows:

  1. Both postdoctoral and sabbatical leave shall be dealt with as forms of study leave, which is mentioned under Clauses (2) and (3) of Article (9) of the University Service Act no. (23) of the year 2008.
  2. In reference to Clause (fourth) of Article (9) of the same above mentioned Act, "The minister shall issue regulations related to study leave issues."
  3. After negotiating the regulations which are now being followed and, which were decided pursuant to the Ministerial Resolution no. (18878/3) on 27/10/2009, by The Council of Ministers' Presidency/ The Diwan (Secretariat) of the Presidency pursuant to their official letter no. (15915) on 18/11/2009, and inline with the Presidency of Salahaddin University's suggestions as per their official letter no. (9479) on 2/6/2012, the committee recommends, in addition to Clauses (2) and (3) of Article (9) mentioned above, the following regulations be implemented:

A. Sabbatical Leave

  1. Sabbatical Leave shall last (3 to 6 months).
  2. PhD holders must have (2) years of service, provided that they have, at least, carried out one research during their service period.
  3. The research project must be approved by the scientific committee of the department, on condition that the needs of the project are such that they cannot be provided by the Iraqi and Kurdistan universities and institutions, while the research is included in the plan of the university.
  4. Applicants must have completed three years of service after their previous sabbatical in order to be eligible for another one. But applicants whose academic ranks have been promoted after their previous sabbatical can apply for another one.
  5. The candidate must conduct at least one research within the period of the sabbatical leave, and prepare it to be published in a credible scientific journal with impact factor.
  6. The suggested research must not be taken from his/her MA thesis and PhD dissertation.
  7. The researcher must hold a seminar after return.
  8. The candidate must be proficient in English language so that he/she does not need to attend English language course.
  9. The candidate must sign a guarantee letter at the notary public's office that he/she will return to his/her home country after finishing the research project.

B. Postdoctoral Study

  1. The research duration shall last (1 to 2 years).
  2. The applicant must be a PhD holder and must have completed 2 years of university service in one of the Kurdistan Region's Universities.
  3. The candidate must have an external supervisor at the foreign university where the research is conducted.
  4. The same above mentioned points under sabbatical leave (5-9) shall be considered.

Financial Assistance for both Sabbatical Leave and Postdoctoral Study

  1. In both above cases, the candidate shall be given their full salary and fixed allowances.
  2. Study allowances abroad shall be paid according to the group of the country (A, B types) and financial instructions of the Human Development Capacity Building Programme. HCDP 
  3. Travel expenses shall be a fixed amount and shall be paid only one time.