Nov 2016

A Common Committee between MHE, KRG and Jordan MHE has been formed to implement the education agreement

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Dr. Yusuf Goran, minister of MHE, KRG met with Mr. Heitham Al-ful, consulate of Jordan in KRG and discussed the academic and scientific relations between KRG and Jordan. The discussion mainly focused on establishing mechanisms for implementing the collaboration agreement signed between both MHE in KRG and MHE in Jordan last year.

In the meeting, held today, Tuesday ( 9/5/2017) attended by the minister of the MHE, KRG and Dr. Edris Hadi, the former minister of MHE, KRG, Dr. Amanj Saeed, advisor to MHE,KRG,Dr. jwan Jalal Sharif, director general at Delegates and Cultural relation office, Dr.Yusuf Goran, the minister of MHE,KRG started briefly, addressing the meeting with stating the results of his visit to Jordan and his meetings with the minister of MHE of Jordan and the Jordanian universities. "Which is important to us is to form the mechanisms to implement the signed agreement between us, and for this purpose, I would suggest to form a high common committee so as to outline the required mechanism to put in action the points of the agreement and to form the policy outlines of the academic and scientific relations between both parties. Interpreting the agreement into action will path the way to develop our bilateral academic and scientific relations more, especially, in the areas of scientific staff exchange, sending students and recognition of both party's universities. " Dr. Yusuf Goran, the minister of MHE,KRG stated.

In another part of the meeting, the Jordanian consulate in KRG expressed his pleasure for the visit of the minister of MHE o KRG to Jordan the bilateral relation between KRG and the kingdom of Jordan and described it as important. In regard to founding mechanisms to implement the agreement, the consulate emphasized on the suggestions of KRG minister of MHE and the implementation of the agreement to be effective as soon as possible, especially, what is related to the recognition of the universities.

The meeting also embraced discussions about certain common issues by both parties.