Nov 2016

His Excellency meets the Kurdish students in Malaysia

In the course of his visit to Malaysia, his Excellency Professor Dlawer A.Ala`Aldeen separately visited the universities of Kuala Lumpur, Malaya and Putra Malaysia. In his visits he met the president of each university in addition to the deans of faculties in the universities.

His Excellency also had a meeting with presidents of 35 universities in Malaysia, in the meeting many key topics were discussed such as the higher education in Kurdistan Region and the reform it is going through, the scholarship program, the innovative new approach to Doctoral degree in Kurdistan Region in addition to some other issues of mutual interests.

His Excellency found this visit to Malaysia to be a great opportunity to closely listen to the Kurdish students studying in Malaysia and in different curriculums. The students talked about the difficulties they are facing for studying in a new academic environment in addition to some other financial and logistics issues, students expressed their frustration for not having any kind of support from the cultural attaché at the Iraqi embassy in Malaysia, for that they have asked the Kurdistan Region government to fill the gap. The government of Kurdistan Region will find reasonable solutions for the problems of Kurdish students for knowing that it is one of its main duties.