General Directorate of Planning and Follow up

Muhammad Sabir Mustafa Hamawandy :  General Director of Education, Planning and Follow-up

  • Gender: Male
  • Data of Birth: Iraq\ Erbil-Koysinjaq, 1952
  • Marital Status: Married and have two sons and six daughters
  • Permanent Address: Erbil/Iraq
  • Communication Means: Korek Cell (+964 750 446 8688)
  • Regular phone (+964 66 2260297)


Certificates Obtained:

  1. primary school : Islamic study primary school- Erbil in 1973-1974 The first of the ten top student in his city and the third to ten student all over Iraq in Islamic studies.
  2. Bachelor degree in Arabic Language: Arabic department- College of Share'a\ Baghdad university in 1977-1978 by Excellent Degree.
  3. Master Degree In Arabic Language: Arabic department- College of Art- Salahaddin University-Erbil 1989
  4. Doctoral Degree In Arabic Language: Arabic department- College of Art- mousl University in 1994 by Excellent degree.


Work experience

First\ Posts that I served:

  1. 1980 been employed as a teacher of Arabic language in Erbil's High school, then have been fired by Bath's regime decision.
  2. 1990 transported to Arabic department in college of Art Salahaddin University\ Erbil.
  3. 1994 After he got a PHD degree became (teacher) grade.
  4. from 24\10\1994 to 1\10\1995 became a Head of Arabic department in College of Education – Salahaddin University.
  5. From 1\10\1995 to 4\1\2001 became a Head of Islamic studies department in College of Art–Salahaddin University.
  6. 1998 became (Assistant Teacher) grade by the University's decision Numbered 1\1\4027 at 19\7\1998.
  7. From 9\9\2002 to 16\9\2006 became a Head of High Studies Department in College of Sharia-Salahaddin University.

Second \ Scientific Committee and Conferences:

  1. From 31\10\1994 to 1\10\1995 became a member of  board of Directorate in college of Education- Salahaddin University.
  2. From 2\10\1995 to 4\1\200 became a member of  board of Directorate in college of Art- Salahaddin University.
  3. From 4\1\2001 to 30\6\2004 became a member of  board of Directorate in college of Shari'a- Salahaddin University.
  4. Became a membership and Head of Scientific, Higher Studies and progressing Committees in Colleges of Art, Education, Shari'a And Law.
  5. 3,4\6\1997 Participated in the Third Scientific Conference for Salahaddin University, and in 2000 participated in Higher Education Conference in Salahaddin University. Participated with a research paper in Scientific conference in Sulaimanyah University, and the First Scientific conference in College of Sharia- Koya University, and Islamic Studies Conference in Ministry of Religious and Endowments in Kurdistan Regional Government.
  6. Participated in Publishing the Arabic Curriculum for primary and secondary's level in Ministry of Education in Kurdistan Regional Government.
  7. Participated in three Leader and Communicate course for advanced.
  8. Participated in four workshops in Jordan about analyzing for specifying Education Sector, and setting the strategically education and teaching in Iraq.
  9. Member of Consultative and Expert's Committee for setting the strategically education and in Iraq.
  10. Participated in conferences about education and Higher Education, and planning for education all over Iraq and The Region.
  11. Participated in conference, workshops, and training courses for higher education planning and teaching in the Arabic countries and Europe countries.

Third\ Letters and Scientific Researches Obtain: 

  1. Al-Nudhy waljhudahw Al-Nahwya Master Letter
  2. Hashya Ibn Al-hajb Ala Al-Nahja Al-Maradhya- studies and reportage- PHD letter.
  3. Hamza Al-Istifham and And Tanghim in Quran-semantic studies- Published in Zanko Magazine for Human Studies.
  4. Analyzing appearance in syntax between old ages and recent- Published in Zanko Magazine for Human Studies.
  5. Rhyme and Sunnism Theory- Published in College of Education's Magazine
  6. Youssif Al-sim Al-Kurd His life and his vestigium in annotation study on Esam Al-Deen's vestigium- research which was been done in the third Scientific conference in Salahaddin University-Erbil, published in the first bound book in conference.
  7. Essamaddin Al-Afrasyani—Hayatahw wa Atharahw maha Drassa lihashyatwhw alla Hashya Essam Al-ddin- published in Zangi Zanko Magazine.
  8. Al-qurb wa nadhaerahw fi Al-ta'abir  Quran--published in Zangi Zanko for Human Studies.
  9. Athar dalala Al-mustalah fi Al-khilaf Al-fiqhi—accepted to publish in Duhok Universities Magazine.
  10. Al-tawjih Al-sawti lilqira'at Al-quranya hinda Al-fra'a—accepted to publish in Zanko magazine for human studies.
  11. Dhahira Al-nasib fi qira'a eissa bin Umer Al-thaqafi.
  12. Al-bahith Al-dalali fi Al-Aswat hinda Abi Bakir Al-Anbari.
  13. Al-Adil wa Al-Hwkm fi Al-Ta'abir Al-qurani- semantic study- research have been done in college of Shari'a conference in Koya University.
  14. Other researches ( about 5) about Arabic language have been published in the scientific magazines
  • Supervised more than 50 master, thesis and PHD dissertations
  • Participated in more than 70 Master and PHD Letters in Salahaddin, Sulaimanyah, Duhok, Koya and Mousl Universities.
  • Have lots of researches after became Assistant Teacher.

Fourth \ higher education works:

In colleges of Education, Art, Shari'a and Language from Salahaddin, Sulaimanyah and Koya teach Semantic, morphology, phonics, rhetoric and Quran Studies subjects from 1994 so far.

Five \

Having been appreciated for my achievements by council of Minister, KRG, Kurdistan- Regional Government Presidency the council of minister- Iraq and Region, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Religious Endowments, Ministry of Education, Presidency of Salahaddin University and Deanery of college Art, Education and Sharia and Koya University.Charmo University, Tikrit University, Mousil University, Unbar University and others.

Six \

Been the General Directorate of Studies, planning and Follow Up in Ministry of Higher Education from 17\9\2006 until now, and Heading lots of committees or participated, and Been a member of Higher Education in Iraq in 11-13\12\2007.

Seven \

Member in High Endowment of Ministry of Religious Endowments in the Region from 2006 so far.


Dr. Jamal Kamal Hussein: General Director of Education, Planning and Follow-up

  • Place and Date of Birth: 1960, Erbil
  • Diploma: PhD Holder
  • Scientific Title: Ass.Professor 
  • Specialization: Mechanical Engineering
  • Language Skills: Kurdish, Arabic, Russian and English (not fluently).
  • Job Position: Assistant General Director of Education, Planning and Follow-up of all private universities and institutions in Kurdistan Region.
  • Previous Job Positions:
  1. Director of Engineering and Construction
  2. Director of Local Dormitories.  
  3. Director of CEOs of Higher Education
  4. Director of Private Studies
  • Owner of a book name: Sun Light Energy
  • Participated a large number of conferences, workshops and scientific congresses. Has a foreign work experience as well as local.