Nov 2016

Higher Education and Arab League established combined teamwork

His Excellency the minster of higher education and scientific research expressed the ministry`s willingness to strengthen ties with its counterparts in the Arab countries within the frame of the plan set by the region, in the meantime the ambassador of the Arab league in Iraq expressed the keenness of the league to strengthen relations and cooperation with Iraq in general and Kurdistan region in particular, this comes within the efforts to be made to overcome and ease the past negative notions held in the minds of the people of the region. This was during the meeting of his Excellency the minister of higher education and scientific research with the ambassador of the Arab league in Iraq, Mr. Naji Ahmed Shalghem on Tuesday.

His Excellency praised the visiting of Arab League president to Erbil and the meeting with the President of Kurdistan region Mr. Massoud Barzany, he pointed out that Kurds feel more to be Iraqis than before in 2003, especially after what have been seen in the field of democracy and constitutional that preserves the identity within a federal country, he also added that the Kurdistan region is looking to the rest of Iraq as a strategic depth, vital and source of power and it is offering all the capabilities and potentials available for the other cities and would be as agate for them.

His Excellency called the Arab league to reverse a true picture of the region and to praise its experience in the rest of the Arab countries, Professor Dlawer said that Kurdistan region aspires to link more effectively with universities in Arab countries through programs of cooperation and exchange of experiences in common interests, his excellency updated Ambassador Shalghem of the new strategy adopted by Kurdistan Regional Government since December 2009 for reformation of higher education and to develop it and the achievements that have been made in addition to the programs that were achieved by the ministry with full support of the leadership of the region, among these programs are humane capacity building, quality assurance in education, scholarships, the building of new universities, self-running universities, reforming of the setting in education, supporting human rights, setting the system of higher education and the relevancy with the development programs and jobs market.

Ambassador Shalghem expressed his happiness in the fourth visiting to the region, pointing out the development took place in each field specially in higher education, he pointed out that the president of Arab league Dr. Amro Musa is always emphasizing on the necessity to establish good relationship of the Arab countries with Kurdistan region as a vital part of Iraq in order to erase and overcome the negative picture in the minds of the people here due to the acts of former regime and the misunderstanding with Arab countries.