Nov 2016

MHE Admires the Academic Professors

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan Region has always put the academic professors and teachers in its top priority and the main focus point since they were the people who carried the responsibility of teaching and preparing the youngsters of Kurdistan Region in the old harsh days and all the way till now.
The Professors of Kurdistan Region are still offering much and much of their unique
knowledge and skills to the Students, therefore they must be admired and their efforts
should be highly appreciated.
For all the points mentioned above, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific
Research has decided its council meeting, to remark the name of the professor ‘’who
obtain his/ her academic title’’ during the official graduation ceremonies of students. In
addition to organizing a seminar to enlighten the students with the hard working and
academic achievements of the professor during his/ her long journey to towards
The council of the Ministry has also decided in its meeting to organize another seminar in a
friendly and family atmosphere to talk about the achievements and hardship of
professor’s life, this seminar will be held when the professor is due to retirement.
The council of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has discussed a number
of suggestions regarding this matter in order to sustain and raise the higher education in
the region, among the ideas discussed were a mechanism to encourage professors by
either giving gifts of appreciation or naming an academic appreciation gift after the
professor when it is offered to academic excellence or invention.