Nov 2016

A broad French-Kurdish seminar to hold in Paris

The KRG Minister of Higher Education reinforces on the existence of permanent and mutual ties in terms of exchanging expertise and experiences between the Universities of Kurdistan Region and France, aiming at developing the scientific, economic, political, and academic aspects.
That confirmation by Dr. Yussif Goran, The KRG Minister of Higher Education, came during his meeting with a French delegation including Prof. Gils Kipel, and Stephen Teplin, Head of Cultural Center in the French Consulate in Erbil. The meeting took place on Monday, December12, 2014 in the ministry's divan in Erbil.
They reaffirmed on the ongoing relations between both the people of Kurdistan and the people of France. These ties are dated back to the eras of revolutions, strife and uprisings by the people of Kurdistan, when the French people were sympathetic and cooperative with the Kurdish people in delivering their suppression to the world. They also indicated that currently the French Government is cooperating and coordinating with Kurdistan through   exchanging expertise and experiences with Kurdistan region's universities.
Dr. Yussif Goran, after welcoming the French delegation, reflected the relations between Kurdistan and France to the French Revolution and its impacts on the Kurdish intellectual movement, saying" Before the political relations between France and Kurdistan, there were cultural relations, and France's positive point is that it considers Kurdistan as a friend."
He also clarified:" For furthering bilateral ties between both sides we need to create joint academic and scientific teams."
The KRG Minister of Higher Education said that holding joint forums and conferences are necessary for joint cultural closeness, exchanging joint expertise and professional knowledge, especially in the field of scientific research among the universities of Kurdistan region and France.
On their part, the French delegation  showed their own readiness and their country's readiness to cooperate with Kurdistan region in aspects of higher education and promoting relations, through creating joint scientific teams at the level of universities and providing expertize for Kurdistan region, especially for those fields that are currently required in Kurdistan. The delegation concluded that for the purpose of further contemplation between both sides, they are planning to hold a broad French-Kurdish seminar in Paris in the future.