Nov 2016

His Excellency meets with his counterpart in the federal government

His Excellency Professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen met with Dr. Ali Aladeeb the minister of higher education in the federal government during his Excellency’s visit to Baghdad.

Both sides stressed on the necessity to strengthen and activate joint works between the two ministries, such activities will push the academic process towards more prosperity in the both sides
The recognition of the federal ministry of higher education to the private universities in Kurdistan region was also an important topic for discussion in addition to other vital topics such as equalization of certificates, sabbatical leaves for professors and the issues of the Kurdish students who are due to go abroad through the scholarship program of the federal government, His excellency urged the quick solution to these issues
In another part of the meeting Dr. Ali Aladeeb hailed His Excellency Professor Dlawer for the radical reform process that started by him towards better higher education and academia in Kurdistan region. Dr. Ali Aladeeb considered the reform process as a model which will be followed by his ministry and to cover whole higher education in Iraq
At the end of the meeting His Excellency invited Dr. Ali Aladeeb to visit Kurdistan region and to have better communications within a democratic and federal Iraq. Dr. Ali Aladeeb accepted the invitation and a visit will be arranged in the near future with a delegation from the federal ministry.