Nov 2016

Explanation for the public opinion, and students applying for private universities

Image removed.According to the instructions of ministry of higher education and scientific research for admission to private universities:

  1. Private Universities must send names of students, applications form and admission plan to the ministry for the purpose of auditing and confirming.
  2. Approval of Number of students admitted and list of their names will be issued from Ministry of Higher Education, this is based on the admission plan and evaluation of the private university.
  3. The commencement of studying in 1st grade should be after announcing the names of admitted students.
  4. Private Universities should not admit students or commence study without prior ministerial order to do so.

The Instructions mentioned here are very clear to private universities and their commitments to instructions have been discussed in many formal correspondences, failure to follow governmental instructions will not be tolerated and the presidency of the university will stand responsible not committing to the instructions.

Therefor we are asking the students who wish to apply for a private university, not to commence study or pay tuition fees without knowing the prior approval of the ministry of their admission.