Nov 2016

Today, the international conference on revitalizing research in Kurdistan is launched

Today, the international conference on revitalizing research in Kurdistan is launched with the participation of 800 of well known scientists and academic leaders on Martyr Saad Hall.

Tuesday 14th of December is the first day of the international conference for revitalizing research in Kurdistan with participation of about 800 of scientists and academic leaders from about 77 scientific and research firms from 17 countries in addition to Iraqi universities, ministers of higher education of Iraq, Kurdistan Region, and Turkey.

Member of high committee of the conference, Dr. Beriwan Khailany said "the conference is held in the presence of about 150 of famous scientists, university presidents, research centers or their assistants from about 77 academic and scientific institutes in 17 countries in addition to 43 academics from Iraqi universities outside Kurdistan region and 602 academics from universities inside the region.

She stated that the conference is anticipated to have great participation level and will be attended by minister of higher education of Iraq, Dr. Abid Dhiab Al Aljily and Nimat Cubukcu, minister of higher education of Turkey in addition to his Excellency minister of higher education of Kurdistan Region, Professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen.

Also the conference will be attended by representative of bureau of advisors to federal prime minister and a number of Kurdish and foreign parliaments members.
Dr. Beriwan Khailany explained that the conference agenda will be distributed to 32 workshops in 3 days conference, each workshop will deliver 3 lectures, and she also said that the conference will be the first of its kind to be interested in higher education.

Dr. Khailany added that the workshops will include the analysis and pointing out the policies for research cooperation on the long term, the launch of split-site PhD’s in different disciplines, memorandum of understanding with the invited universities to the conference and the universities in Kurdistan region policies of investment in higher education, assigning places for students admitted in scholarship program and expanding the HCDP, also policies of research management.

Regarding the countries where the participants, Dr. Khailany said, mainly they are from US, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Turkey, Malaysia, South Korea and Jordan.

She added that the conference comes within the framework of the new strategy approved by the government in the end of 2009 to raise the higher education sector and its quantity and make it able to secure the needs of local development programs and to secure the needs of working sectors in Kurdistan in addition to having the higher education on the world map of academy and science.