Nov 2016

Dr. Yusuf Goran was invited to attend an Educational Conference in Turkey


 The KRG Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Yusuf Goran said higher education plays a crucial role in dealing with the issues and bridging nation's cultures.

This statement by Dr. Yusuf Goran came during his meeting with a Turkish delegation which visited the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on March 31, 2015 in Erbil.

After welcoming his guests, Dr. Yusuf Goran hoped they will not feel that they are strangers in Erbil and Kurdistan.

Later, Niemat Bash, lawmaker in the Turkish Parliament and leader of the delegation, said:" When we arrived in Kurdistan, we did not feel to be strangers and we feel as if we are in our own country, since we feel coexistence. "

He then indicated the higher education system in Turkey's universities and said:" We work according to the international standards and develop our universities, thus we have made several agreements with the European Countries. Similarly, we want to promote relations with countries in the Middle East and the neighboring countries."

He also talked about issues in universities the neighboring countries.

Finally, he indicated the holding of Education Summit Conference, which is scheduled to be held in September 5-6, 2015 in Turkey. Many politicians and experts in the higher education sector are expected to participate in the summit. He officially invited Dr. Yusuf Goran to attend the summit.

"We have relations with Turkey. Turkey is a big neighbor country, accordingly many Kurdish students who are studying abroad, went to Turkish universities. Recently a delegation of our ministry visited several universities in Turkey for furthering bilateral ties, and the outcome of the visit was positive. Thus, we want to enhance our relations with Turkey in all aspects, especially in the area of scientific and academic area. We want to promote our bilateral relations to include holding scientific conferences and joint researches in order to attempt dealing with the political, cultural and economic issues of the area though science and education, as higher education plays a crucial role in dealing with the issues and bridging nation's cultures, especially between Kurds and Turks. Now, when the area is unstable, promoting bilateral ties have more importance.

The KRG Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research thanked the Turkish delegation for their invitation, and asked them to cooperate with the Kurdistan Region to open training courses for teachers with special needs, in order to develop special departments in the Kurdistan Region universities to serve peoples with special needs.

The delegation deemed the development of abilities of peoples with special needs as a crucial project, and welcomed Mr. Goran's demand, and indicated Turkey have experience in this aspect, and after evaluating abilities of their universities in this aspect, they will offer a project in this regard to the Kurdistan region.

The delegation also announced that as the first step for furthering bilateral ties between both sides, Turkey will open a special fair on Turkish universities and education centers in the Kurdistan region.

The Turkish delegation also included the Turkish Consul in the Kurdistan region, and presidents of several Turkish universities and academic centers.

*Statement by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research's Media Department