Nov 2016

Students Visa and Language Test in Erbil

On Sunday the 29th of May 2011, Mr Brendon McCurry, director of British cultural council and his assistant Mrs Nishtiman Azeez from the UK consulate in Iraq visited the Ministry of Higher Education. They were warmly greeted by Dr Beriwan Khailany, advisor to the minister for academic affairs. Dr Govand Sherwany, director of scholarship, cultural relations and Dr Amanj Abdullah, advisor to prime minister for higher education affairs and Dr.Riadh Francis,Director of Academic Coordinate with Private Universities.

At the meeting they discussed higher education in the Region.
The British delegate showed readiness to boost support and to help enrich the new legislation on higher education by providing consultancy and suggestions.

Mr. McCurry shed light on the objectives of the British cultural council and said that very soon they will commence working on a pilot project with the participation of professors and experts from abroad. The project aims to start a language training course and English proficiency testing centre, for the IELTS exam. This test will be mainly for those students who were successful in securing place in the ministry`s breakthrough program known as HCDP.

The Officials of the ministry expressed appreciation for what the British consulate is offering.
The British delegate shared their utmost appreciation and praise of the hard work of the Kurdistan Regional Government and The Ministry in developing some excellent initiatives.
The issue of granting visas for students who are offered places to study in UK was discussed, the British delegate assured that they are working to make the process of giving visa to students easier and to be issued directly in Erbil.