Nov 2016

MHE and WHO joint efforts

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research works closely with the World Health Organization to upgrade the Supreme Council of Kurdistan for Medical Specialties and to switch it to an independent body in the future.

According to Dr. Beriwan Khailany, Advisor to the ministry for scientific affairs, the ministry is seeking to develop the council to the level that matches the important role in the preparation of advanced medical staffs, she pointed out that there is a joint program with world health organization and group of experts and specialists from inside and outside the council to review the roles of procedure of the council and the  instructions and activities which must be focused on more, also to develop proposals about the structure and to draft law to make it independent in the future.

Advisor Khailany added, the committee will focus on developing training material related to and needed by the community such as family health, emergency and health policies, the council will be in charge of implementing this program with world health organization.

Dr. Khailany said, the committee will do research in the ways of working in similar councils in the advanced and adjacent countries, also the ministry of higher education is relying on the council in preparation of advanced and skilled medical staffs.

The supreme council was established in 2008 according to higher education law number 10, and its treated as university and directly connected to the ministry, the council has it is own budget and independent administration board and it is working to improve the medical services in the region by upgrading scientific and vocational skills of the physicians and provide specialists in every aspect of medicine.