Nov 2016

Dr. Yusuf Goran stresses on importance of consolidating relationship between universities and private sector


                                                                   Dr. Yusuf Goran, the KRG Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research stresses on the need to consolidate and develop the relationship between universities and the private sector in the region.

This statement by Dr. Yusuf Goran came during addressing a joint two-day conference by the KRG Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Faculty of Engineering of Sulaimani University under the motto of (Towards new technique  for reconstruction and cooperation between the private and public sectors), which was launched at the University of Sulaimani on May 9th 2015.

"Our ministry as the other KRG ministries has problems, we have problems with the governmental institutions, our problems with the private sector and commercial companies are not at the required level. But what is distinguishing us from the other KRG ministries is that we will try to identify our own problems and try to find solutions to them, in the first step and then we will talk about the problems of Society," Dr. Yusuf Goran said.

He also indicated the importance of the conference for gaping and strengthening the relationship between the the KRG Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the private sector as well as promotion the art of reconstruction.

“The universities are big and important centers of science for the community and include various arts, and we are determined to provide all the arts to community, accordingly we can develop the projects and improve the quality of the projects." The minister added.

He also said "The private sector can take advantage of the universities larger than it is now", calling for "mutual meetings, discussions, scientific conferences, and workshops we can redesign education curriculums in a way that university faculties to be for filling the gaps of community.”

"We in the ministry’s council previously has decided that special job canters to be established within the universities, which can be a medium for communication between universities and the private sector," Dr. Yusuf Goran said, noting that "The ministry hopes through these centres to be a gateway to create employment opportunities for graduates and take advantage of interior cadres in various fields.”

Representative of the KRG Ministry of Housing and Construction, President of Sulaimani University, and heads of several other universities in the region, university professors, and a large number of students attended the conference, where many scientific seminars were presented. In the conference a fair for new reconstruction techniques was also shown.