Nov 2016

His Excellency Attended a Medical Conference

On 19th of December 2011 His Excellency Professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen participated in a medical conference on dental implants. The conference was also attended by the minister of health and the council of Hawler Medical University (HMU).

“Towards the Development of Dental Implants” the conference started its activities with full support of Hawler Medical University and the sponsorship of Proheals Line Company. The conference is due to last for 2 days where 9 Dentists from UAE will demonstrate the latest technologies and methods of dental implants by treating 60 patients with the attendance and watching of the students of College of Dentistry if Hawler.

His Excellency delivered a speech and considered the conference to be in great importance, his Excellency hoped that such activities will continue because it has great impact on the experience of staff through connections among students and professors with their counterparts abroad.

His Excellency Professor Dlawer found the conference to be an opportunity to build long lasting relations so that to have better training. He also talked about the necessity to invest in the dental industry because it will become a factor for raising the quality of services in dentistry and it will also give a strong push towards more confidence from our society to local dentists and practitioners in the field of dentistry.