Nov 2016

Second Round of HCDP is Announced

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced today the 23rd of January 2011 as the first day to receive applications for the second round of HCDP (Humane Capacity Development Program) fellowship. For this round of the program, the ministry of higher education and scientific research is using an advanced and up to date online application form, applicants can now fill online application and attach all necessary documents via the ministry`s web site
For further information regarding regulations and details of the second round of HCDP, please visit the ministry`s website in regular basis. Please note that closing date for applications is the 20th of February 2011.
The HCDP fellowship is one of the key initiatives of Kurdistan Regional Government 6th Cabin. According to the program, about $100,000,000 of the government`s budget is allocated for the purpose of sending talented Kurdish students abroad to obtain Masters and PhD`s from the best universities in the world and in different disciplines, this program is predicted to become one of the big factors for the development of capacity-building in Kurdistan and the preparation of advanced, well-knowledge and skilled people so that to become academic leaders and key actors in the administration and managements of higher education institutions, other government`s sectors and  private sector in the future.
In August 2010 and for the first round of HCDP fellowship, ministry of higher education used a very transparent and precise mechanism of applying, reviewing and selection of candidates among applicants for the program so that to maintain high level of equal chances to all students and  youth of Kurdistan, the only criteria for selection were qualifications of the applicant through the use of accumulation of marks (points base) within the frame of the general regulations and instructions set for the program. The process of selection of candidates was very successful and now the first group of the candidates is on the way to commence study.