Nov 2016

The initial results of summer semester of the high education students is announced

master o ph

After it has been decided to split study of master and PhD degree programs into two semesters( Winter Semester and Summer Semester) by the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research and the High Committee of High Education, applicants were enabled to start to apply for the summer semester in accordance with the same instructions number (4) issued for studying master program for the academic year (2016-2017) and instruction number (5) for studying PhD for the academic year ( 2016-2017) for the winter semester.                                                                                                                                             

Within this framework and according to the approved plan, more than (1000) studying seats in (11) universities have been provided. After opening of  application and setting r scientific efficiency examination, a significant number of applicant enrolled. As soon as the names of the candidates delivered to the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research, the review and audition process started that led to finalize the initial results of the scientific efficiency examination for master and PhD programs in Kurdistan region universities for the summer semester candidates.                                       

For this purpose, today, Sunday( 13/06/2017), the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research issued (11) separate letters to ( University of Salahaddin,University of Sulaimaniyah, University of Dihok, Medical University of Hawler, University of Halabja, University of Charmo, Sulaimaniyah Polytechnic University , Dihok Polytechnic University, Hawler Polytechnic University, University of Raparin ) to announce the initiative results of the summer semester on their universities (websites) and to do whatsoever necessary to be done in this regard.                                                                                               

As it is mentioned in one the items included to the letters, only (3) days has been decided for complaints and  rejections. A special committee is going to be formed to go through the complaints and the rejections.