Nov 2016

Charmue University Hold the First International Conference of the Natural Sciences


                                                                           In the presence of Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and numbers of the Kurdistan Universities’ Presidents, Kurdistan Lawmakers, great number of lecturers, experts, and researchers started its first international conference at Sulaimani about the scientific mineral resources.

In the conference at the Royal Hotel of Sulaimani in July 11th and some speeches were released.

At the very beginning a speech by Dr. Salah Raza, the president of the university was released and after welcoming the delegates and guests pointed out to the content of the conference and said, “Charmue University was founded at the capital of martyrs, Chamchamal, at the financial crises situation, but it has been able to do some important works at a short period of time especially the ones are important to the nowadays market need of Kurdistan and the social lives of the region.”  In his speech also mentioned the role of University on the way of developing scientific aspect and society.  He also focused on the point that the universities have to step up toward finance and administration independency to raise on their feet and develop society.  In doing this, he thanked the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in which supported their university to step up some steps.

Then, Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research in a speech after hailing the role of the organizers of the conference, welcomed the delegates and guests and said, “It does worth of mention that Charmue University has been able to host the researchers and guests of 11 different countries.”

In the speech, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research mentioned the role and position of Charmue University and said, “Although it is a new-founded university, but has been able to prove its ID.  The significance of Charmue University is keeping its ID.”  Dr. Yusuf Goran said also, “Now in the modern world, there are not inclusiveness universities, because the science have been mixed in which it will be difficult to a University to follow all departments and be successful in them at the same time.  In doing this, it is time to attain their IDs and have a clue to look after which department and get rid of the classical samples of the universities in which they were too general.  So, it is so difficult in nowadays to find a university to collect all departments and success in them.”

In another part of the speech, Dr. Yusuf Goran mentioned the major task of universities and said, “In the mid and old centuries, the universities tasks were investing in scientific thoughts  in which still they have not faded their significance to our nowadays so because of that the impact of the theses and thoughts of those centuries in our community still has not faded, but this stage and the mission of universities are different; so, the universities have to be the cradle of defendant to the scientific realities and extinction of mysterious and non-scientific thoughts.

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research dedicated another part of his speech to have scientific research and said, “The process of investing knowledge in Globalization period is complex.  In the developed countries the researchers and scientists create a scientific team and heading to face sciences to invest the new innovation and invention at the different aspects of sciences.”  Dr. Yusuf Goran also said that the researchers have the provision of attaining and opportunity of gaining information in different countries.  In doing this, “we hope this conference will be a good opportunity to take advantage from the international academic and use their experiences to solve nowadays problem of Kurdistan.  Also, in his speech, The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research discovered that from beginning of the next year, they will work on establishing the council of scientific research and said that their aims in founding the council to encourage the researches and activities in Kurdistan.  Dr. Yusuf Goran said also that opposite the last years in the new system and policy of master and PhD studies, there is too much looking after to scientific research.

In the his speech also, The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research mentioned the policy of his ministry and said that the scientific policy of our region is liaison between Kurdistan markets to the syllabus and looking after the vocational study.  He said that the aim of the ministry at fulfilling this policy is till the students who are coming to higher education be trained and digest science in which since they graduated, they can compete in the market of Kurdistan and attain carrier.  It means they be able to have competition in quality of the university and improve the market also.  He also said that to fulfil this plan, the ministries of society affairs, education, and plan have to have total coordination to work together to rewrite a system to this field. The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research said, “Our ministry in this context has a clear vision and hoped to have a serious work in this field and hoped to success and improve the works of the conference.”

It is supposed that during the two days of the conference some seminars and scientific research at the various aspects of scientific resources from experts and researchers of universities of the US, UK, Germany, Islamic Republic of Iran, and the other countries of the world be offered.