Nov 2016

His Excellency defuses a crisis at the University of Sulaimania

The direct involvement of his Excellency the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan Regional Government, Professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen highly contributed in the alleviation of bottleneck suffered by the University of Sulaimania.

The aim was to develop a roadmap to restore the prestige and respect for the university community away from political conflict, and let the university to exercise its role as a radiation for culture and intellect in society.

His Excellency through an initiative for crisis management has called for an emergency meeting for council of Sulaimania University specially devoted for the events of April 19th and the days after it, the meeting discussed how to manage the crisis and treat the paralysis that hit the university.

The outcomes of the meeting where very important, they condemned of all kinds of violence that was experienced by the students, professors and staff of the university whether inside or outside the campus. A special committee was formed to investigate the events and also to call the concerned firms for an investigation of what happened outside the campus. The Council also decided, the allocation of one official working hour (Thursday), to associate with those affected by the events on 19th of April, and announce a message of peace on behalf of the university.

The Council of the University of Sulaimania issued on Saturday, April 23, a statement on the situation in the city of Sulaimania, and their impact on the teaching process in some sections of the university colleges. In the statement, the Council of the University emphasizes the independence of the university as an institution of education and knowledge, and rejects all forms of interference and violation of the campus, and expresses concern about recent events.

The Council demanded in its statement, all political parties not to transfer the university to an arena of political conflicts, stressing that it is not possible to stop the school year and about 24000 students and 1300 professors to achieve the demands of a specific percentage of students, because it would hurt the process of education, examinations and admission of students for next year.