Nov 2016

Parallel system of education in Kurdistan Region

The council of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research had a meeting on Tuesday 11/09/2010 in the presence of Professor Dlawer A. Ala'Aldeen the Minister of Higher Education, and presidents of universities and directors-general, during the meeting, for adopting of laws on the parallel system of education in the Kurdistan region.


The following is the text of the resolutions:

  1. Parallel system of education is exclusively applied for the year 2010-2011 to study the masters in the media and to study the bachelor's degree.
  2. Scope is limited for universities by the allocation of (1-2) seats for the scientific disciplines.
  3. The annual payment of the scientific sections is 5 million Dinars and two million Dinars for humanitarian disciplines, and paid at once, and an annual increase of 5%.
  4. The applicant provides a legal document undertaking in which he mentions his pledge to bear the financial expenditure for education as in private contract.
  5. Universities of (Sulaymanyiah - Koya - Hawler Medical), the application for this type of education will be open from 21 to22 of the 11 / 2010 and be scheduled to test competence 25.11.2010 and the declaration of the results in 30/11/2010.
  6. Universities of (Salah al-Din, Duhok) that this system is in place with the general tests for higher education.
  7. The applicant must possess a certificate of language and computer test, in the case of failure to perform tests at the present time, applicant must pass the tests in a certain period and otherwise, the offer in education will be rejected, for language test, the applicant must submit the test results before the 1 - 12-2010 and otherwise will be accepted in higher education.
  8. The conditions (years of service and age) is not required in this type of education, but regarding the grades, the scientific departments, which are asking for an examination in the specialty, shall not rate it, but if exam is not requested, in this case is taking the grade into account