Nov 2016

How to contact the Directorate of HCDP

To the candidates of HCDP:You may contact the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research ifyouhave difficulties as you progress through the HCDP program. The Kurdistan Regional Government and the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research are putting its energies in the service of students in order to make the HCDP scholarship program successful. The staff members at the directorate of HCDP are available to answer your inquiries as they arise. Please follow the instructions below for any questions that you might have. Your questions will be answered as soon as possible.  

To follow up with your scholarship transaction, you may visit the directorate of HCDP on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during office hours.

Please make sure to include your scholarship code and number in all of your correspondence with the directorate of HCDP R2. For candidates of HCDP R1 please write your file number. To find out your file number and code please see the attachment.

You may send your queries in Kurdish, Arabic or English. Correspondence written in Kurdish using the English alphabet will not be reviewed or answered.

Please keep you letter short and precise. Be sure to include all the key points that you would like to be answered.

Write your full name in English as it is written in your passport.

Include in the letter your hometown, your degree of study and the field of study (e.g. Hawler/ Masters, and the field that you have been admitted to).

Include the name of the country and the name of the university where you plan to study. Include your telephone contact numbers in Kurdistan and abroad as well as an email address. If you already have a representative at the MHE following up on your transaction, please include his/ her name and contact information.

We advise you to use your full name, HCDP file number and code, as well as an email signature. This will help to ensure that all of your information is sent to us in every email correspondence without needing to rewrite them again. Please send your emails and queries to