Nov 2016

Dr. Yousif Goran opened several Scientific Projects in Duhok


 With the supervision and attendance of Dr. Yousif Goran, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) the new building of Agriculture Faculty in Duhok University, and several other cultural and scientific centers were opened.

On Monday March 03, 2015 Dr. Yousif Goran opened the new building of Agriculture Faculty in Duhok University, which was renovated with the cost of more than six million dollars. The new building, which has been finished in a period of one year and four months, includes three floors, lecturers' hall, students' hall, and four laboratories.

During the opening ceremony, Dr. Yousif Goran applauded the faculty's staff and asked lecturers and students of the Agriculture Faculty try to develop the scientific standard in their faculty and promote English language in the faculty's curriculum

 In another part of his visit, Dr. Yousif Goran accompanied by presidents of the universities of Duhok, Zakho, and Soran opened Fiber Optics Centers inside Duhok University Campos. It is the first time in the Kurdistan region that such a center to be opened. The center is especially devoted to connecting Duhok University with the internet and the implementation of electronic system in the university.

Later, Dr. Yousif Goran opened Erasmus Mundus Center for the higher Education in Duhok University Campus. This center is sponsored by the EU and it is tasked with sending postgraduate students abroad for studying Masters and PhD. Degrees. Until now many students were graduated from this center and got scientific degrees.

The minister also visited the biggest book faire inside the campus, which includes thousands of books in all fields.

The minister hoped these books to provide a better chance for students to reinforce their scientific and knowledge standards.

Dr. Yousif Goran also visited Volunteer Students Centre, in which a number of volunteer students have decided to offer and aids and help to the refugees and internal displaced people voluntarily. The KRG Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research applauded these students, hoping this step to serve the refugees and internal displaced people.

Then, Mr. Goran in a press conference clarified the aim of his visit to Duhok governorate and said: "the aim of his visit to Duhok University is to see the issues nearly, and listen to the demands and making efforts for solving the issues. We are happy that we see Duhok University has made a number of scientific activities, which are part of our ministry aiming at developing the standards of Kurdistan region universities."

"Our main goal is to link Kurdistan region universities to the Kurdistan's job market, and make coordination and balance between both sectors for filling the market's daily needs," he added.

 He also stressed on growing scientific and capabilities of the university lecturers, and indicated that they aim at furthering scientific research in the Kurdistan region universities.


Media Department of theKRG Ministry of Higher Education