Nov 2016

Positive Feed Back from Universities

According to Sardam youth organization referendum  made it inside Kurdistan universities to reform project, 28,8% are persuaded of  ministry of higher education and scientific research steps to reform project is interested to the universities ,27,3% replied no and 43,9% semi consented. Another axis about his Excellency minister of higher education work 16% says he is very good and 53% appreciated him good.

In this week published in Kurdish media which a social civil organization made a referendum about region universities (which is a main program of Kurdistan government about all the types referendum) the majority sharing people are agree of referendum process in universities.

Number of participated were (3411) students and instructors, (2016) are male and (1250) are female. Which divided of seven region universities such as (Salahadin University, university of Sulaimania, Koya, Duhok, Soran, Hawler medical university and Kurdistan University) has taken different of referendum list?

Another axis of this referendum about His Excellency minister of higher education, at this evaluated 16% says very good, 53% says good and 31% evaluated him bad. Regarding opinion of participated about exchanging of system of doctoral .master degree and levels of serving system of academic university and scientific.63.6% says mention that is much more and 36.4% says little.

another side of referendum is questions about benefits of quality and assurance project, which is project to promote to university and now formulate of minister program.67,5% says yes and 32,5% says no responded.

President of youth Sardam organization (Dlivan Abdullah) in a conference to Awena weekly newspaper( which is one of the independence newspaper) has talked about referendum ,there organization is nongovernment organization and has a special department for referendum and questionnaire, has committed in majority cities and district which is formulated there works scientifically and they did some referendum about different ministries such as volunteer, and he said (this referendum of ministry of higher education was in our program we felt it is necessary cause the system of ministry of higher education has exchanged with new decision.

Regarding too different of dividing number of forms of universities, president of Sardam youth organization belongs results to difference of number of students from university to another university