Nov 2016

The Mission of Fulfilling the Universities’ Ranking has started its Work


Under the instructions of The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Yusuf Goran, the mission of the universities’ ranking started its work with a new system as a way of getting rid of the past year’s problems and they have started their works on the way of that.

Dr. Salah Ismail, a member of the universities’ ranking mission said, “The mechanism of the universities’ ranking will be changed for the coming year and our tasks are in the process of been carried out.”  Regarding the transformations, Dr. Salah kept saying, “When we started ranking the Kurdistan’s Universities in 2015, it was based on the Excel Sheet – Ranking Organization Sheet – in which the universities used to fill it in.  Then after collecting them, a form of evaluation was used to evaluate them based on some criterion.  In doing this, this mechanism had faced some issues:

1. Some of the data and info were wrong

2. Some of the data/info was expired

3. The data/info were collected via handwriting or email

4. Some of the universities were not totally familiar with the ranking mechanism; however there were some workshops and seminars regarding that

The above-mentioned points of problems were obstacles on the way of mission of universities’ ranking till they would be able to organize them to the evaluation.

In the speech, the member of the mission of Kurdistan’s universities ranking said, “We have made a huge transformation for this year in the mechanism of evaluation and kept saying, “Our mission has a map of ranking in a Google app.  This app includes the 28 universities name in which 15 out of this 28 has been dedicated to the public universities and 13 of them for the private ones.  So, we can say in pleasure that:

1. We have a specific website for the ranking and include all the relevant info such as: ID, the way of their recognizing, events, statistics, info and other service to all universities.   The website is

2. Now each university has its own email account ( in which help to login the website and the ranking pages and the logging in the website is based on some principles.

3. Each university has its own website in which is able to be logged in and make all the necessary info. (http://

4. The universities can open the organization pages via a website and enter their data via online.

5. Reports and the other necessities relevant to the ranking are entered via online in the website.

6. The page relevant to the ranking is a smart page in which is be able to refuse any instant mistake and the expired info.

7. The new mechanism of Kurdistan ranking includes all the academic mission of each university such as: insurance degree of teaching types in which gives a big picture of each university’s academic mission and their achievements.

In the coming years, the mechanism of universities’ ranking will be changed to a digital of archiving and the store for all universities of Kurdistan.

Dr. Salah Ismail released that Kurdistan’s Universities have their own email account and they all can log in their website to the page of ranking.  So, the universities are able to start their works in urgent and the deadline is Sep 1st, 2016 other than that the website will be closed automatically.


In the end, the member of the mission said, “In March 8th and 7th, our mission had two workshops at the Video Conference Hall at The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific bureau to the private and public universities regarding opening a new mechanism of ranking.”