Nov 2016

we seek to build long term of relations network with international universities

His Excellency Professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen, minister of higher education and scientific research of Kurdistan Region said in his speech in the RRKU conference that the ministry is seeking long term relations to be built among staff of higher education with Iraqi and International universities.

His Excellency added that the road map comes within the framework of the new strategy approved by the Kurdistan Regional Government in the end of 2009, his Excellency pointed out that the conference is one of the supporting methods for the human capacity development program and quality assurance which are executed by the ministry with the direct support of the president of Kurdistan regional government. The program includes scholarship, research delegations, and staff training in addition to the new PhD studying system.

His Excellency also explained that the conference is seeking to build long term relations among higher education staff in Kurdistan region with their counterparts in Iraqi and international universities, signing memorandum of understanding, encouraging investment in higher education so that to develop this vital sector in general and the movement of higher education and scientific research in particular for the higher education to be able to serve the needs of building, development, and the needs of the work market.