9 September 2014

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq - We would like to bring to the attention of the IOCs working in the Kurdistan Region and all the oil traders dealing with the Ministry of Natural Resources, the following conditions set by the Kurdistan political leadership in agreeing to join the formation of the new federal government in Baghdad

Kurdistan Region Leadership Conditions in agreeing to join the formation of the government in Baghdad *

A meeting of the Kurdistan political leadership discussed the issues of Iraq’s government formation. Several discussions took place regarding the Kurdistan Region’s rights, including decisions on reviewing the political process and the value of coexistence and consensus.

The Kurdistan leadership has offered its support to Dr. Abadi to form the government and confront the challenges facing a national power sharing government. We have been engaged in all stages of dialogue to allow the formation the government to take place. We have shown flexibility, we have offered full coordination, and responded to the views of others.

The program that Dr. Abadi submitted to the Parliament was derived with the national alliances to rescue Iraq in this period so that it responds to all sides and allies.

This is why the Kurdistan Region decided to participate in the Iraqi federal government and give a chance to the new government to review our position as set out below:

First:          Suspending the proposed program by Dr. Abadi to discuss its contents so that efforts by those participating in the government are successful, unified and not hampered.

Second:     Fairness in allocating the Kurds a fair share in the ministries and a sharing role in the government.

Third:        Forming a committee headed by the Federal PM and the KRG PM to tackle the mechanisms for sending KRG’s share of the budget within one week of the government formation and releasing the unpaid budget of Kurdistan Region for the months of January through September 2014.

Fourth:      Reviewing the oil and gas issues and the distribution of their revenues and resolving all the pending issues regarding oil and gas between the federal government and the KRG within three months.

Fifth:         Resolving the ongoing differences on article 140 and the Peshmerga; facilitating civil aviation matters; establishment of democracy, and creation of a true federal state; and separation of powers, guaranteeing their independence and decision-making processes.

Sixth: Commencing with payment of the KRG’s financial dues as of September 2014.

Finally, during the set period cited above, if no commitment is shown to the above-mentioned points, the Kurdistan Region leadership will make its decision accordingly.

* Translated from Kurdish, see the original http://rudaw.net/sorani/kurdistan/0809201432

Considering the clear position of the Kurdistan political leadership on the federal government formation, the KRG expects in the near future to reach a comprehensive settlement with the new administration in Baghdad on all pending issues related to oil export; oil marketing and sales; and revenue sharing.

In the meantime, the Kurdistan Region’s oil production, local oil consumption, and export shall continue as before, but we shall engage in a constructive, mutually beneficial dialogue with our new colleagues and partners in Baghdad to resolve our differences in accordance with the Constitution.


As per KRG's agreement with the Iraqi government and under the 2015 Budget Law


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