Since the Islamic State terrorist organisation entered Iraq in June this year, hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons have entered the Kurdistan Region. The Kurdistan Regional Government is providing as much assistance as it can, but it cannot tackle this massive task alone. Therefore on 29 August 2014 the Ministry of Natural Resources broadened the Kurdistan Oil and Gas Humanitarian Initiative (KOGHI) to include assistance to the new refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

KOGHI was originally launched in September 2013 by Minister Ashti Hawrami at a meeting with the oil and gas companies operating in the Kurdistan Region, with the aim of providing humanitarian relief from the oil industry to refugees from the conflict in Syria. The KRG is grateful to the oil operators and services companies that contributed to that initiative, providing $15 million dollars in aid donations.

MNR is pleased that a number of oil companies in the Kurdistan Region have already asked how they can support humanitarian efforts for the massive new influx of refugees and IDPs.  With the expansion of KOGHI, companies have an already established framework for providing funds.

Under KOGHI, oil companies give funds directly to the international aid organisations and NGOs that are involved in the refugee assistance effort. Contributions would help many families in desperate need. Companies wanting to contribute can contact the MNR to see a list of the NGOs supporting the refugee response in the Kurdistan Region in Iraq.

Read more about oil companies' assistance to IDPs and refugees under phase 2 of KOGHI.


As per KRG's agreement with the Iraqi government and under the 2015 Budget Law


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