To date a number of international oil companies operating in the Kurdistan Region have made important funding commitments to KOGHI. They include Gulf Keystone, Genel Energy, Taqa, Chevron, Hess, Marathon, Oil Search and Western Zagros. An estimated $15 million has been pledged so far.

Local companies such as Kar group, through its charitable foundation, have also funded and implemented relief projects.

Meanwhile service companies, including Oil and Gas Services Group and Ensign are coming forward with offers of funding and practical assistance.

If your company would like to make a contribution to KOGHI or would like more information, please write to

Under KOGHI, contributions from oil and gas companies are made directly to the international aid organizations and NGOs that are involved in the refuges relief effort.

MNR does not endorse specific aid organizations or NGOs.

Please see the NGOs page for a list of agencies supporting the Syrian refugee response in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.



As per KRG's agreement with the Iraqi government and under the 2015 Budget Law


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