To meet the demands of rapidly expanding exploration and production activities, the Kurdistan Region has opened its doors to world-class oilfield services companies. The oil and gas services sector is seeing major growth as both foreign and local services providers ramp up their activities in Kurdistan. The Ministry of Natural Resources is committed to supporting a strong services sector, by mandating the safety and security of operations, facilitating the transfer of skills and knowledge to the local workforce, and supporting the infrastructure development that will allow for the full appraisal and extraction of the region’s resources.

How to register as an oil services provider in the Kurdistan Region

All services companies that wish to work in the Kurdistan Region are required to first register with the Ministry of Natural Resources. Once approved and registered by the ministry, services providers will receive invitations to tender directly from oil companies. Services providers that win tenders are also required to register their company with the KRG Ministry of Trade and Industry. Please see this detailed guide to registering a services company (PDF), which includes registration contact details at the ministry.

KRG oil and gas services industry common services breakdown


As per KRG's agreement with the Iraqi government and under the 2015 Budget Law


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