Nov 2016

HCDP in its 4th term

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research would like to announce to the people of Kurdistan that the 4th term of the scholarship programme, Human Capacity Development Programme, will open in mid spring of this year. The Ministry is urging prospective applicants to prepare themselves to take the necessary steps to ensure the highest point count for the competition.

For this term of the programme more focus will be put on English language ability (as determined by one of the accepted examinations) and the obtaining of an academic offer from an international university that is recognized by the Ministry. It is also important for potential applicants to know


that there will be radical changes in the terms and conditions of this competitive scholarship in order to be selected. Things that will be scrutinized include the following:


  •  The prospective applicant must score at least 4 IELTS or its equivalent in order to enter the programme.
  •  More points will be counted for the language test portion of the competition. For example, the highest point  that can be obtained for this factor will be 20,
  •  The Ministry will only accept academic offers from universities that are recognized by it and their names are included in the list of universities available on the Ministry`s website. A new list of universities will be announced soon.

We are urging individuals who are planning to apply for the programme to visit the Ministry`s website frequently for updates and announcements regarding the scholarship programme.