Nov 2016

Kurd-DAAD feedback

Following the memorandum of understanding that has been signed between the ministry of higher education and the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, the Ministry of Higher Education is pleased to announce the names of the successful students in the interview, which was done by experts from both DAAD and the Ministry of Higher Education.

In the process of applying to study in Germany, 32 students were accepted and called for interviews, and from the 32 students 20 were selected to study Masters and Doctoral degrees in Germany.

The Ministry of Higher Education is warmly congratulating the successful students and wishing best of luck to the others in the coming opportunities. The Ministry promises to do its best to make the Kurd-DAAD project a successful program, with equal opportunities to all potential candidates.

The Ministry requests successful students, whose names are listed in the document below, to be available on the 17th of July at the ETTC center in Erbil (Kurdistan quarter, Newroj two way street, near municipality #6). The purpose of this meeting is to begin preparations for the language course.