Nov 2016

The Ministry of High Education announcing establishment of the Scientific Research Board


The Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research is announcing establishment of the Scientific Research Board and its immediate staff o and as the first grant IQD (100) million has been specified.

" The Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research is announcing the foundation of the Scientific Research Board to form the general strategy and the policy framework, encourage , develop and activate research activities in various fields and specializations in the light of the scientific , technological ,economic and political needs of Kurdistan region" announced Mr. Abas Akram, spokesman of the ministry. " This board is going to work for directing and supporting scientific research through annual grants, and attempts to establish international partnerships for the research projects and donating funds to the proposals with high scientific levels and priority to the best of the national interest of Kurdistan region " Mr. Abas added.

"Our ministry is donating IQD (100) million to the board as its first grant to operate its work and to fund the researchers with proposals considered to serve as solutions for subjects related to our region". He also mentioned that the fund is open now to welcome proposals from researchers of the region.

Regarding attempts have been made by the ministry to access scientific research resources for the researchers, "Our ministry has been engaged with one of the most for us to be able to provide our researchers with sufficient access to the scientific magazines and resources." He further mentioned. "To do so, our researchers will be able to participate in producing knowledge whenever they have access to the most up to date scientific resources." Mr. Abas added. "Soon, we are going to provide our researchers and university teachers with legal access to the scientific magazines that includes all the specializations fields." He announced.

In another part of his press announcement, Mr. Abas addressed the effects of the national universities ranking on scientific research. " After the national ranking of the universities in Kurdistan region was put in action, the )number of the published research has increased to reach (%80) compared to years (2015-2016). Furthermore, conducting local scientific conferences has raised up to reach the top by (%143) , and the international scientific conferences have gone up by (%100)" Mr. Abas added. " The implementation of the national ranking of universities in Kurdistan region has brought many important changes, promoting of competition culture, emergence of new standards and measurements in the academic sphere experience of Kurdistan region and many more important scientific gains and output and gains are only few examples " Mr. Abas emphasized .