Nov 2016

University of Göttingen opens an Office in Sulaimani City


 Dr. Yusuf Goran, the KRG Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, opened an office of the University of Göttingen, which is one of the most important and most prestigious universities in the world in the city of Göttingen, Germany, in the province of Sulaimani.

Presidents of all Kurdistan Region Universities, a number of advisors from the ministry, academics, and Dr. Pola Khanaka, Head of Kurdistan Board for Scientific and Research Studies attended the ceremony which took place on October 10th, 2015.
During the opening ceremony Dr. Yusuf Goran stressed on his continued interest in the opening of the university's office, as well as its continued support to raise the level of scientific and academic relations with Germany.After the ceremony, the university started its first activities through holding a workshop.
Dr. Yusuf Goran presented a short speech during the workshop, saying that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is emphasizing on the quality of education, and scientific research, hoping that the University of Göttingen to cooperate with them for achieving these goals.
In another part of the workshop, the attendees offered suggestions, futuristic joint projects between the University of Göttingen and all Kurdistan Region Universities, and ways for joint scholarships for the purpose of enhancing science and higher education in the Kurdistan Region.
The University of Göttingen (German: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, GAU), known informally as Georgia Augusta, is a public comprehensive research university in the city of Göttingen, Germany.
Founded in 1734 by George II, King of Great Britain and Elector of Hanover, and starting classes in 1737, the university is the oldest in the state of Lower Saxony and the largest in student enrollment, which stands at around 26,000. The university is highly renowned and respected both in Germany and throughout the world. This reputation has thus shaped Göttingen into a university city with a high student and faculty population.