Nov 2016

Renown Intl. scientists will attend the 1st RRKU


A hundred of world renowned scientists, specialists and leaders of world scientific and academic institutes expressed utmost happiness to attend the international conference on revitalizing research in Kurdistan (RRKU) which is set to take place 14-16 December 2010, The advisor to the minster for scientific affairs, Dr. Beriwan Khailany stated.

Dr. Beriwan Khailany said that the organizing committee has received the acceptance of invitation from a hundred world renown scientific, specialist and academic leaders of famous international universities, the conference is set to be held on the period of 14-16 December 2010 in the capital of Kurdistan region, Erbil and the conference will be under the theme “Bridging the Research Gap”

She also added that the conference will aim at raising the level of scientific research in the region`s universities and academic institutes and to connect it to development programs and market needs, this will be a practical step towards the new strategy of ministry of higher education and scientific research that has been approved by the Kurdistan region government’s 6th cabinet in the end of 2009 and the efforts of the ministry to build capacity and to work according to international accredited scientific and academic standards.

Dr. Khailany also mentioned the conference will seek long term relationships among staff of higher education and scientific research sector in Kurdistan region and their counter parts in international universities, she stressed that the conference will serve the ambitious programs of the ministry in the field of higher education specially PhD program which will require 2 supervisors which one of them will be from abroad, and will also to facilitate the admitting of local students in international universities.

Also, Dr. Beriwan added that among the goals of the conference is to commence the achievement of the joint research program that will include researchers from Kurdistan region with their counter parts in international scientific and academic institutes, she explained that this step will put the scientific research in Kurdistan on the right path to serve the development programs and cover the needs of working and production sectors in the region, in addition to putting this vital activity on the international scientific map.

She also stated that the sessions of the conference will be distributed into 10 morning and evening workshops, that will consist of 65 lectures or research paper by the participants and will address the goals of the conference such as the policy making in higher education, joint supervision, quality control and assurance, investment in the sector of higher education and scientific research, human capacity and scholarship programs of the region.

Among the expected participants of the conference will be well known scientific and academic persons such as Dr. Andrew Ronalds, the scientific advisor to US minister of foreign affairs, Hillary Clinton. Also Dr. Michael White, expert in education and learning affairs in the US ministry of foreign affairs. And leaders of international scientific and academic institutes and number of researchers.

Regarding the nationality of participants, Dr. Khailany said that they are from the biggest universities of US, UK, France, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Malaysia, Turkey, Australia and other countries, among which will be Iraqis and Kurds from abroad.

Dr. Khailany ended saying that the conference “will not be traditional” emphasizing that the conference events will focus on achieving the goals for which the ministry is expecting.


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