Nov 2016

His Excellency meets with Malaysian Minister of Higher Education

On Tuesday the 8th of August 2011, his Excellency Professor Dlawer A Ala`Aldeen met with Honorable Dato Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, Minister of Higher Education of Malaysia, in addition to director generals and officials of the ministry in Malaysia.

The Ministers talked in a meeting about the experience in higher education in both countries and its importance in the rebuilding and sovereignty of any country in the world. The Malaysian ministry is planning to make higher education in Malaysia at the same level in the developed countries by 2020, for that it has made all possible efforts to switch higher education from its traditional way to a very advanced one.

Both Ministers met with presidents of some public and private universities and exchanged ideas, opinions and experience. The meeting resulted in some important agreements and cooperation such as:

-The Malaysian government is ready to assist the Kurdish students willing to Study in Malaysian universities,especially those of scholarship program in many ways like obtaining offers, securing places. In addition to guidance in studying and living.

-The universities in Malaysia showed readiness to receive professors from Kurdistan Region for training in scientific research matters, in addition to assist them in research projects and continues academic relations.

-The University of Malaya is ready to grant scholarship for the top students of Kurdistan, scholarship includes full tuition fees and living costs. 

-The faculties who have medical branches and are connected to teaching hospitals, showed readiness to train the students of Kurdistan board for medical specialties in their designated field of study or specialty for one or two years and then to reward them with clinical masters certificate.

-The Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education showed readiness to train the directors of quality assurance in the ministry and the universities in Kurdistan and to exchange ideas and expertise. The Malaysian government is taking the quality assurance in higher education very seriously and for that it is training many individuals from around the world.

-There are many polytechnic faculties in Malaysia which they train high school graduates and offer diploma and Bachelors degrees for them later. The faculties showed readiness to assist the board of technical education in Kurdistan especially in the process of switching to polytechnic university.

At the end of his visit, Professor Dlawer called the Malaysian counterpart to visit Kurdistan Region. Honorable Dato accepted the invitation and hoped to visit the Region in near future to strengthen the relations in higher education