Nov 2016

Kurdistan Teachers' Union has been praising works and activities of the minister of Ministry of High Education


                                                         The secretary of Kurdistan Teachers' Union stated that: “we have been looking at the steps of the minster of the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research for improving the situation of education and upgrading science level with importance.

That statement by the teacher Mr. Abdul Wahid Mohamed, the secretary of Kurdistan Teachers' Union, today, Wednesday, dated (24/6/2015), was made during his visit to the Ministry of High Education and Scientific Research. In his visit in which he was accompanied by a number of members from Kurdistan Teachers' Union, he was warmly welcomed by the minister, Dr. Yousif Goran.

In a meeting, the secretary of Kurdistan Teachers' Union explained the aims of the visit to the minister and added that : " We consider your steps and projects, especially in the areas of paying attention to scientific research, the national ranking for the universities in Kurdistan and changing the programs of studying as important projects, and for this reason, we in the Secretariat of Kurdistan Teachers' Union express our full support for implementing your projects and we are ready to offer any help and coordination required to guarantee the success of your plans and programs. The teacher, Mr. Abdul Wahid Mohamed also stated that: “The scientific level in the education centers will be increased and scientific and academic competition among the teachers and the universities in Kurdistan will be created.

In return, after he had warmly welcomed the guest and his delegate, Dr. Yousif Goran stated that: “Teachers are the poles of development of science in the studying centers and universities; this is why we have always considered their roles as crucial." The minister mentioned that: We will do our best for upgrading the scientific and academic level of teachers." He also added that: We have full coordination with the Ministry of Education to pay attention to teachers at schools and the studying centers. Dr. Yousif also emphasized that the changes should be equally performed on the same level for the schools, studying centers, universities and institutions so as to guarantee good outputs for our society.

In another part of the meeting, some problems and difficulties of teachers and the study centers were discussed, and explained that solving of most of the problems are related to the present financial crises Kurdistan region has encountered.

In the end of the meeting, the secretary of Kurdistan Teachers' Union, teacher Abdul Wahid Mohamed gave a present to Dr. Yousif Goran, for his efforts and his scientific projects.