Nov 2016

In an Academic Competition, a Kurdish Doctor Win First Rank.


 Annually, there is a competition held in the US for the students of Administration Medicine in sponsorship of American Service of Mission, US

In this competition of this year, a Kurdish student win the first rank of the competition over the US and Canada.

Dr. Rebin Zikhani Master holder at Marywood University at Medicine system achieves the excellent rank.  Since he was a researcher, he gave a birth to the thought of 7 steps to get rid of health sector mistakes then the thesis participated in the competition and won the first rank over US and Canada.  Then, he was invited to American Administration Conference of Health in Chicago and gave a speech and was awarded the gift of first rank.

Dr. Rebin Zikhani is the graduate of Erbil University of Medicine and now is working at general medicine affaires at Ministry of Peshmerga.