Nov 2016

Dr. Yusuf Goran: Education and Study Process is Twins and both serve the Country


 In the aim at activating the common works of both ministries (MHESR & MoE), they held a meeting to discuss the common and relevant shared subjects of both ministries and some necessary decision came up.

In the meeting which was held at the Meeting Room of MoE on 9th of March both Dr. Yusuf Goran, the Minister of HESR and Dr. Pishtiwan Sadiq, the Minister of Education with the presence of some advisors and general directors of both ministries

In the very beginning of the meeting, the Minister of Education welcomed the Minister of HESR and pointed to the collaboration between both Ministries and said, “Both Ministries had a good tie in the past and hope to work on our projects and plans especially the ones are relevant to the next year of starting Education to reduce the problems.  This makes both Ministries to have a partner workshop and conference.”

Then, the Minister of HESR thanked to have him and said that they had to work together, “Our Ministries are the types of ones which need to have more closeness in which the education process starting from kindergarten to the university is a partnership process and nationwide.  In doing this, it has to be our shared concerns.”

Dr. Yusuf Goran clarified that both ministries have to work as a team and have a uni-program to future because together the process can be done.

In another part of the meeting, the agenda of the meeting brought to the point of discussion.  The firs point of the meeting was about sending the final results of high school students to the MHESR to work on the Zankoline earlier to announce the name of students and their department of studies.  Back to this, after exchanging the suggestions, they decided that Jul 15th will be the deadline to send the data and relevant info of high school students to the MHESR and send all grades of students before Oct 15 to the MHESR.

In another part of the meeting, giving extra credit to the high school graduates was mentioned about.  So, they confirmed their support to the decision of MHESR Council to hold giving the 3 extra credits to the students of high school graduates.  They affirmed that this decision will be carried out upon the high school students of 2016-2017 year of study.  They decided to release an official letter to all secondary and preparatory schools till the students will be the fully-aware of the decision.

In another part of the meeting, they talked about evening study at the Education Colleges of Universities to the teachers of MoE and review the study at the Education Studies at Colleges and a committee to follow and fulfil the decisions was made.

In the end, they evaluated the private education and psychology at the Kurdistan Universities for the Disabled people.  It, the process, was hailed and evaluated as a good starting.