Nov 2016

Kurdish –Jordanian cooperation and agreement with Arab universities in the field of higher education

Adviser to the ministry of higher education and scientific research of Kurdistan region said on Saturday، that an understanding has been reached with the ministry of higher education of Jordan on a program of joint cooperation for the success of the project implemented by the ministry.

While it was agreed from the union of Arab universities for a special mechanism that will pave the road for the recognition of Kurdish universities through the union

Dr. Beriwan added، the delegation consisted of her and Dr. Ismat M. Khalid، president of Duhok university،، visited the ministry of higher education of Jordan late last week and briefed senior officials on the new strategy implemented by the ministry and its efforts to upgrade the sector of higher education and scientific research of Kurdistan and discussed with them the ways of enhancing joint cooperation and exchange of experiences، particularly in the area of capacity-building،، HCDP،، parallel education، quality assurance، reliability، and private universities. She also pointed out that the delegation discussed with the Jordanian side the recognition of degrees awarded by universities in Kurdistan region، the president of Duhok university presented a comprehensive details of the region`s universities، particularly the university of Duhok and the developments achieved that contributed in the recognition of many world universities of the awarded degrees by Duhok university.

Dr. Beriwan stated that the Jordanian side expressed readiness to deepen the prospect of mutual cooperation and support the projects implanted by the ministry، the Jordanian side welcomed the invitation offered by the delegation to attend the international conference on revitalizing research in Kurdistan that will take place in the mid of next December in Erbil، they promised to send high-level delegation to represent Jordan in the conference.

Dr. Khailany، said the Kurdish delegation met with secretary-general of the federation of Arab universities، Dr. Salah Jassim in the presence of assistant secretaries-general Dr. Faisal Abdullah and Dr. Ali Hood، to inform them of the reality of universities of Kurdistan and its relations with various international universities and access to the membership of the federation of world universities.

She continued that delegation asked the union to include the universities in Kurdistan region as real members as the rest of Iraqi universities outside the region. She said the meeting resulted in a special mechanism of action to achieve this goal. The union will also bring together the required information on the region`s universities in preparation for a specialized committee of the union that will visit Kurdistan to find out the facts and prepare for the acceptance of membership.

She stated that the Kurdish delegation has found the visit to Amman as a good opportunity to meet the Iraqi ambassador Dr. Saad Jassim Alhayani as well as officials of the cultural attaché in the embassy، to inform them of the capacity-building program، which involves sending about 900 students abroad to complete their higher studies funded by Kurdistan regional government، and also the possibility of access to facilities that will allow the acceptance of Kurdish students in Jordanian universities، especially those who wish to study on their own expenses.