Nov 2016

Seminar to discuss the new legislation on Higher Education

The ministry of higher education organized a seminar on 11-5-2011 to discuss and exchange ideas and thoughts to enrich and better prepare the new legislation on higher education. Attending were members of Parliament, presidents of universities, director generals and the president as well as members of Kurdistan medical board. The seminar took place in the cultural center of Salahadin University.

In opening the seminar, his Excellency the minister stressed on the fact that the seminar is for exchanging ideas and thoughts. Also whatever comes out of the seminar will be taken into consideration in the alteration of the final proposal which will be forwarded to council of ministers and from there to the Parliament.

His Excellency discussed the stopping of continuing work with the old system in the presence of the dramatic changes in higher education in the Region, since the old system is the main obstacle in the process of giving more independency to universities.

Participants of the seminar found it a great opportunity to read and understand the legislation and they have been able to give important suggestions to enrich the project. They also asked for the seminar to be at the right time to come out with a law that would serve the current stream of higher education in the region.