Nov 2016

His Excellency visited Research Center of Salahadin University

His Excellency Professor Dlawer A. Ala`Aldeen accompanied by delegation from Salahadin University has visited the research center of Salahadin University. His Excellency stressed the necessity of round table meeting to collect the ministry, colleges and the research center so that to come up with plans for the labs in Salahadin University and to provide immediate solutions for issues they have.

The president of the Center, Dr. Dara Jaf and the staff have clearly showed the shortages and the needs of the center, His Excellency listened carefully to their demands and pointed out that the main reason of his visit is to listen and feel what the requirements are, he emphasized the need for team work and said,, the ministry doesn`t have magic stick and we must focus on work ability and not on opening new departments without sufficient financial and moral capacity, for this his excellency called for an exceptional sitting and to concentrate the efforts on what are doable.

His Excellency stressed on the necessity of having the staff of the center who hold Masters and Doctoral degrees sent abroad for building their capacity and to obtain up to date knowledge so that to better serve the research center.

Development of a new mechanism for supplying materials is needed, but we must prioritize the needs.
His Excellency found it a great opportunity to pay a visit to college of science; he was warmly welcomed by Professor. Nazim Jalal, dean of college and the heads of departments in the college
The minister closely listened to the needs of students and teachers during visit to the labs of departments of the college. His Excellency found the demands reasonable, for that there must be a suitable mechanism for having sustainability in the process of supplying materials and to prioritize.
His Excellency stressed on the benefits of removing the obstacles between teaching and research, since they complete each other.

Immediate solutions must be put into effect
His Excellency the minister accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Dizayi, president of Salahadin University visited the college of fine arts and were warmly welcomed by the dean of the college; Dr. Fazil Ali Jaf and the head of departments of music, theater, sculpture and cinema. The minister listened carefully to ideas and opinions of the teachers and after that he visited the departments of the college and listened to the students, he stressed out the necessity of quality assurance, he added,, quality assurance brings out the responsibilities and rights of students and also establishes the reality that students have special status and must be listened to.
His Excellency and at the end of the visit notified the staff of the college for the necessity of having a round table meeting for discussing issues and to solve the immediate needs and schedule the other pending needs through effective program.